The Circle

Cut the circle from the rectangular paper on which it has been drawn. What you hold is the circle, not the drawing. The rectangle, square, triangle, pentagon, all polygons, polyhedra and other shapes and forms that we construct have origin in the circle. The circle is the compression of the sphere to a flat plane. 2-D is a distortion of the compression of 3-D. The sphere is still Whole, nothing is lost, it is simply reformed to a circle disk in space through right angle movement.

By a principled and sequential, step-by-step process of folding and joining circles spherical formations and information can be generated. This could not happen if the information were not inherent to the circle to begin with. Only the circle is inclusive without adding or taking anything away; without cutting or measuring. All fundamental mathematics can be discovered through folding the circle/sphere Whole. Over fifty mathematical functions can be found in folding the circle in half, one diameter.

This is not possible by drawing a circle with one diameter, because drawings are static and do not generate anything. Through the movement of folding the circle, principles and information are revealed enabling the exploration of patterns and the formation process, developing complex and totally interrelated, transformable systems. This is not difficult. If you can fold the circle in half you will be able to do it. It only requires observation and some thought about what you are doing.

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